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Silence Anti Snoring Spray


Hi Girls

I found this cute little one – Silence Anti Anoring spray in the pharmacy! This is an angel to those ladies whom cant stand their partner snoring, brother’s snoring and maybe even sister’s snoring .. :P

Since snoring  is a result of an obstruction in the person’s airway due to the fatty issues blockages. Silence Anti Snoring spray is used to coat the throat and walls of the pharynx with the anti-snoring agent. This will in turn reduce the snoring by lesser movements of the palate.

Quite interesting i thought and pretty easy to use too! Before bed time, just shake it and aim at the back of the throat, spray and swallow. Do this twice and it is going to last for the entire night. See the advert below which i found in you tube. :)

You can consider getting this if you are starting to get dark eyes rings from all the nights of bad sleep. hee hee. Christmas is coming ! :P

But do check with doctors or the pharamcist if there are side-effects or if you have any drug allergy.



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