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Joyous Pastries Almond Cookies


This gotta be my must have in every of my Chinese New Year – Joyous Pastries Almond Cookie.

To be honest, although I walked past the shop on a daily basis, I havent never really slowed down my pace and tried their food till I was looking around for tasty cookies!

As exaggerating as it may seems, their pineapple tarts were longed sold out by January. They have started taking orders since December.

Hence, with no luck on the pineapple tarts, the shop assistant gave me a sample of their second popular item which is the Almond Cookies.

This is reaalllly gooood!!! Joyous pastries almond cookies contains no butter and no egg. Definitely a  healthy choice! It is very crunchy and the fragant is splendid. Once I start having one, i cant seemed to stop! I will definitely buy more than 1 box next year.

众乐 Joyous Pastries
Tanjong Pagar MRT Station
Tel: 9618 1238

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  1. Crystal says:

    I just went down to the shop and asked.. the pineapple tarts are fully soldout for CNY 2012! But you can still reserved for the almond cookies (it worths every calories!)

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